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Air Dispatch has always been passionate about safety and takes an industry leading position on process and productivity. Our CEO and Safety Manager have jointly co-authored a white paper showing how a fresh approach to process can improve safety and quality whilst reducing costs. We would be more than happy to discuss our philosophy and how we might be able to help your organisation benefit from the Air Dispatch approach.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease.

2020 has been a powerful reminder that we are all in this together, and our choices and actions have the power to protect the most vulnerable among us in a big way. The same holds true when it comes to breast cancer.

Join us in the cause to help women in need today. We at Air Dispatch join the PINKTOBER each year and recommend and motivate you to have regular check-ups. Consult a doctor and have your exam done.

Early detection save lives!

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In today’s changing airline business, optimal weight and balance is still a vital factor in the safe operation of aircraft.


Air Dispatch is the worlds leading supplier of Load Control services with over a million loadsheets produced, in 2019, for aircraft at over 400 airports on six continents for a number of the world’s leading airlines. we have been providing assistance to a number of our clients in the set up and provision of load sheets for Cabin loaded aircraft.


There are many reasons to transfer your Load Control activity to Air Dispatch and now could be the ideal time. Our existing customers are already benefiting from the advantage of outsourcing as they are only paying when they fly and are not carrying the costs of an inhouse team. They have also been able to benefit from the expertise of our team in adapting their systems to allow for cabin loading. When COVID is behind us and operations start to ramp up again working with a high quality company such as Air Dispatch will allow you to match your costs to the scale of your operations.


Clearly like everyone we are quieter that normal and are therefore in a position to be able to offer health checks for you existing operations as well as assistance with the preparation of business cases and training. Recently we have been working with clients who have said that are significant “seven digit” savings with a short ROI time by moving the operations to us.


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The FAA has updated its advice to operators on the approval of weight and balance programs and has opened a consultation on the subject.

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Clearly the business world, and indeed the world in general, has changed in the last few weeks with COVID-19 and nowhere has the business world changed more than in the world of aviation. I have spoken to people who work for companies that were looking at record years only two months ago who would now just be happy to see their company survive. Whilst it looks, and indeed is, very black now, I truly believe that the world and the aviation industry will get through this crisis and emerge on the other side. 


Don’t waste the time or opportunity.  

Clearly the focus on all business leaders as we enter the heart of the crisis is to protect their business and every waking hour will be spent doing this, in the case of the aviation that for a large part means putting many airlines into hibernation for at least two months. Once this is done the clever businesses use this hibernation period to plot their emergence from the slowdown and not wait for the period to end before acting. Undoubtedly there will be a new landscape and one that offers opportunities but the businesses that do best from this will be the first to adapt to the emerging trends. The ones don’t plan and that keep the same working practices that they had before the crisis are the most likely to fail.  


We are here now, and we will be here after, when you will need us the most.

So, what can Air Dispatch do to help? Even in the “new world” aircraft will still need loadsheets and we have a team of experts that we can offer to help prepare business cases and scenario planning for all eventualities, All of this work can be done remotely without the need for anyone to travel and if, as is frequently the case, the business cases stack up, then the hibernation period can be used to start working on the plan to adapt your business so that you emerge sprinting and not walking.           



Nick Yeadon