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The secret of our success
A word from our CEO portrait

A word from our CEO

Nick Yeadon - CEO
“When I created Air Dispatch my goal was to build a company that I’d be proud to work for. We employ the best people with a passion for customer service, attention to detail, and an ability to work in a pressurised environment. Safety is critical in our business and there is no margin for error. In return for your hard work and dedication we offer an environment where you are more than ‘just a number’, and where your contribution is valued by all of the management team and customers alike. We hire senior management from within the company, allowing for a clear career progression for the right individual."
Michal Plot, PRG Station Manager portrait

Michal Plot, PRG Station Manager

Meet Michal ...
"I joined Air Dispatch CLC in 2007. At that time, there were only 11 load controllers, and the business was completely new to me. Since then, Air Dispatch has grown significantly, and today we are a team of more than 100 in Prague. Over the years I was given the opportunity to be an Account Manager, later on a Unit Manager and now I am the Station Manager at PRG CLC. It´s really an exceptional feeling to be part of this great team, and I am very proud of what we´ve achieved in the last years"
Marta Gorzechowska, WAW Account Manager portrait

Marta Gorzechowska, WAW Account Manager

Meet Marta ...
“My aviation career started 11 years ago at the airport, where I took my first steps into this remarkable business. Three years ago those steps took me to CLC, where I started as a load controller and I have slowly grown into the role of an Account Manager for two clients. CLC is a constantly blooming world full of new challenges and ideas created by those who are passionate about it. I am proud to be part of this world and to have my small contribution to its growth.”
Alexandra Fejsaková, PRG Account Manager portrait

Alexandra Fejsaková, PRG Account Manager

Meet Alexandra ...
I started as a Load Controller in Air Dispatch in May 2012 and first handled Air Berlin. After a few months, Air Dispatch concluded contract with SAS and I reached my second license. My third license was by Qatar Airways. Because I missed aircrafts and physical contact with them, I decided to take a part-time job at the airport in my free time as a Ramp Agent. During the three consequent years, I had a chance to live the opposite site of being a Load Controller. In between, Qatar Airways left Air Dispatch Prague office but we started to cooperate with our new client – Thomas Cook. After implementation of Thomas Cook, I was designated for implementation of another airline, which was handled in totally various system – Brussels Airlines. 2016 brought many positive things – there were changes in top management and I got an opportunity to become a SAS Account Manager. As a fresh management beginner, I had to learn many new things and I started to devote myself to this career. SAS has become my new “baby”. I have mostly been dealing with managerial tasks regarding the SAS but sometimes I also have a chance to “rest” and enjoy the Load Controller’s duty at Cathay Pacific, where I also contributed to implementation and where there are some of my closest friends.
Lukasz Dabrowski, Duty Manager and Traine portrait

Lukasz Dabrowski, Duty Manager and Traine

Meet Lukasz ...
“Warsaw, Warsaw CLC calling”. My adventure in aviation started 5 years ago at Warsaw Chopin Airport and it continues to this day. With solid experience and passion in aviation I moved to CLC in 2012, when the office in Warsaw began. I am proud to be part of the first Load Controllers contributing to CLC’s growth – a place of passionate,
Blazej Stachlewski, Duty Manager and Trainer portrait

Blazej Stachlewski, Duty Manager and Trainer

Meet Blazej ...
"For 27 years I was living beneath the approach path of runway 11 at Warsaw Airport, so aviation has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. As you can imagine, there was no other possibility for me than working at the airport. Working as a handling agent for 12 years gave me the experience which I can use now in CLC. This occupation gives me a sense of being part of a great aviation family."
Václav Machek, PRG Duty Manager portrait

Václav Machek, PRG Duty Manager

Meet Václav ...
"I joined the Air Dispatch family more than two years ago. We are a team of people with the same passion for aviation and it is really rewarding to be one of them. I was also given the opportunity to join our Lindbergh program where my skills and knowledge have been improving for my future path in our company."
Tomasz Pokrop, WAW Duty Manager portrait

Tomasz Pokrop, WAW Duty Manager

Meet Tomasz ...
" After graduation I worked for 3 years as cabin crew, this work taught me the bacics required in aviation. I started work at Air Dispatch two and half years ago. Today I am a Duty Manager and an employee representative. In my opinion the people I´m working with are the company´s biggest asset. Thanks to them the Air Dispatch can continue to maintain the best standards of service."
Paula Telec, WAW Load Controller portrait

Paula Telec, WAW Load Controller

Meet Paula ...
"When I first came into CLC office I didn´t know what to expect. I was a little bit afraid of working in such environment but I quickly discovered that there is a great team spirit. It is a responsible job and sometimes really hard, but all CLC family members are understanding, supportive, helpful, funny and a little bit crazy which makes for an outstanding working environment.”